Dear Fellow Graduates of the NUI,

In October 2013, the Irish people rejected the proposed abolition of the Seanad. I, along with Senator Feargal Quinn, Senator Katherine Zappone and others, campaigned for its retention on the promise that Seanad Éireann could be reformed into a vibrant and dynamic chamber with an important role to play in Irish democracy.

That reform is yet to take place, and I am seeking your support in order to make it happen. Seanad Éireann needs members who recognise its potential and who are passionate about its transformation.

During my time as Attorney General, Minister for Justice, and Tánaiste, I witnessed first-hand the thoughtful and insightful contributions of senators from across the political spectrum. This experience underscored to me the ability of Seanad Éireann to make a valuable contribution to the legislative process.

I am now seeking a mandate from the graduates of the National University of Ireland to lead change from within Seanad Éireann and complete the job that the Irish electorate started when it rejected the abolition of our Seanad.

Yours Sincerely

Michael McDowell